Parenting on the Go

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Birth to Six, A to Z

by David Elkind
What is the most treasured resource for families with young children? Time. Between keeping house, shopping, doing chores, and getting everyone to work and school—let alone fitting in family meals, fun activities, and much-needed downtime—being a parent can require major feats of scheduling. While parents don’t always have hours to pore over parenting books, they could use short, to-the-point advice on the challenges they confront every day.

Now, for today’s busy families, child-development expert and bestselling author David Elkind offers Parenting on the Go: an authoritative, accessible guide for parents of infants and young children. Elkind has long been praised for his timely, resonant responses to key child-rearing issues. Here, with characteristic insight and comforting sensibility, he offers practical answers to more than 100 common parenting questions, on topics from A to Z, including:

  • Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Back-to-School Blues
  • Child-Proofing the Computer
  • Empathy in Children
  • Homework
  • Manners and Morals
  • Only Children
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Time-Outs
  • and much more.

    (288 pp.)


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