Preventing Abusive Head Trauma (DVD in Spanish)

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from InJoy

Abusive Head Trauma (AHT), also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), is a serious form of child abuse, most commonly triggered by crying. By explaining why babies cry, identifying frustration thresholds, and providing tips on how to cope with infant crying, this proactive program is a must-see for anyone who has an infant in their care. Featuring relatable and diverse families, Preventing Abusive Head Trauma provides parents and caregivers with clear, up-to-date information and easy steps to take to help avoid a preventable injury.


  1. Crying and Abusive Head Trauma: crying is normal and all babies do it; description of AHT; animation of effect on baby’s brain from shaking or blunt force
  2. When to Take a Time Out: describes frustration threshold and losing control; how to take a time out and put baby in a safe place; choosing the right caregiver; symptoms of AHT; importance of calling 911 immediately
  3. How to Create a Crying Plan – make a checklist of baby’s physical needs; effective soothing techniques; asking for help; eating well; getting enough sleep, exercise

Comes with downloadable Parent Handouts. Dubbed in Spanish. (15 min.)

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