Raising a Talker: Easy Activities for 0-3

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Turn everyday play into memorable learning experiences where communication and discovery can flourish

by Renate Zangl, Ph.D.
The research is clear: Early, language-rich interactions give young children a head start. Little tweaks and easy changes in the way you play and engage with a child from birth can help jump-start enormous learning potential.

The good news is that parents already have everything they need to provide a language-rich environment from the earliest moments: themselves-and their vocal cords, eyes, hands, and fingers-and a desire to communicate with a little one.

Raising a Talker combines fun, easy-to-do activities with research-based tips and developmental overviews. Learn how to naturally transform play sessions in to meaningful language-learning experiences. (216 pp.)

The book includes:

  • Concise overviews of developmental changes and communication milestones in children from birth to age three
  • Specific communication and language goals for each activity
  • Observation guides to gauge the child’s skills
  • Language checklists to track a child’s communication and language milestones quickly and easily
  • Early warning signs for potential problems in communication
  • And much more!


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