Real Girls: Shifting Perceptions on Identity, Relationships, and the Media

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by Kiana Clayborn, LMSW; and Jessica Traylor, Ed.S.

Leader’s Guide
Research shows that many young girls feel inadequate, unworthy, inferior, and hopeless. Real Girls outlines an 8-session program in which girls will explore media messages, their self concept, communication skills, and how to build positive relationships. Designed for use in various settings such as community organizations, mental health agencies, and schools. For programs in a church setting, Biblical verses and scripture are provided for each lesson. Give each participant her own Reflections guide to make the program even more interactive (see below). (138 pp.)

Girl’s Guide
Real Girls: Reflections is a tool to help girls learn about themselves, their relationships, and the media. Girls can go through each page in order or skip around. It includes activities on many different topics that usually interest girls in middle and high school. These activities can be done alone, with a friend, or with an adult. Each lesson includes suggested media resources. These may be video clips, songs, or websites related to the topics. Girls can use the media resources to learn more or to share what they have learned with a friend. There are also optional Bible-based activities and Biblical resources. Each scripture is followed by questions to get girls thinking about what these truths mean in their life. Each section ends with blank space for personal reflection. (78 pp.)

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Real Girls: Girl's Guide

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Real Girls: Leader's Guide

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