Test-Taking Strategies for Students (Bilingual set of 7 DVDs)

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It’s raining tests…all different types of tests! Essay, math, reading comprehension, the SAT, the ACT or any state assessment mandated by No Child Left Behind—it’s no wonder that students sometimes feel as if they’re drowning in a sea of assessment! Test-Taking Strategies for Students provides learners with straightforward strategies to help them become confident, effective test-takers. These programs show students how to navigate through both standardized and teacher-made tests by helping them recognize the variety of test questions they’ll encounter and then modeling different strategies that they can use to aid in the selection of the correct answer. Practical tips on improving test preparation, causes of anxiety and guidelines on how to achieve calm in test-taking situations are just a few of the important facts covered in this fascinating series. Using humorous scenarios and a whole lot of fun, this seven-part series provides students with a full complement of test-taking tools that can be used in any test-taking situation.

Set of 7 DVDs for grades 7-12. Teacher’s Guides are included. Each video is 23 minutes long and with closed captions in English. Also contains a Spanish-language track.

Set of 7 DVDs includes the following:

  1. Answering Test Questions (23 min.)
  2. Effective Note-Taking (23 min.)
  3. Study Skills (23 min.)
  4. Taking Essay Tests (23 min.)
  5. Taking Math Tests (23 min.)
  6. Taking Reading Comprehension Tests (23 min.)
  7. Test Anxiety (23 min.)

“…comprehensive…will keep students engaged and positive. Suitable for study skills curriculum or general test preparation.”
– School Library Journal (April 2005)

“…a savvy onscreen host and a trio of teens use tongue-in-cheek humor to present clear-cut strategies for taking both standardized and classroom tests”
– Booklist (March 1, 2005)

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$279.65 $139.25