The ADD & ADHD Answer Book

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The Top 275 Questions Parents Ask
by Susan Ashley, Ph.D.

What can I do to help my chld now? What are the symptoms of ADD? What questions will the doctor ask me about my child? Do children with AD/HD qualify for special education? Should I medicate my child?

ADD and ADHD is estimated to affect at least 3 to 7 percent of school-age children and the amount of information available on the subject can be overwhelming, confusing and, oftentimes, conflicting. The ADD & ADHD Answer Book is a reassuring, authoritative reference for you and your family, providing sound advice and immediate answers to your most pressing questions.

Written by an experienced child psychologist, The The ADD & ADHD Answer Book answers your most important questions, including:

  • Is AD/HD over diagnosed?
  • Are there any devices that can aid my child in homework?
  • What medications are used to treat AD/HD?
  • What type of doctor should evaluate my child?
  • What questions will the doctor ask me about my child?
  • Is there a cure for AD/HD?
  • Written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, The ADD & ADHD Answer Book helps you understand your child’s illness and develop a plan to help him or her succeed. Includes questionnaires and checklists that help you get the most out of your child’s evaluation. (272 pp.)

    About the Author
    Susan Ashley, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Ashley Children’s Psychology Center and has been specializing in ADD and ADHD since 1990. A graduate of UCLA and California School of Professional Psychology, she has over 20 years of education, training and experience working with children and families.

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