The New Bully Free Classroom

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Proven Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teachers K–8 (3rd Edition)
by Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.

The New Bully Free Classroom makes it easier than ever to stop and prevent bullying. With this book, educators can help build a sense of belonging in all students and create a peaceful, caring classroom.

This thorough update to the classic original takes a closer look at what bullying is and places renewed emphasis on the role (and power) of bystanders, including a new chapter focusing on empowering bystanders to be allies to targets of bullying. Also included are:

  • new examples and scenarios
  • thorough examination of relational bullying
  • in-depth look at cyberbullying—including specific technologies, such as Facebook and texting

Because labels diminish people, Beane takes care in this update to say “kids who bully” instead of “bullies” and “targets of bullying” instead of “victims” or “victims of bullying.”

Readers will find support for teachers, counselors, and supervisors, including a ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation for preservice and in-service training. The CD-ROM includes all reproducible forms, surveys, handouts, and letters to parents and caregivers found in the book, including several bonus handouts geared for the youngest students. (178 pp.)


  • Chapters for empowering bystanders, helping targets, and helping those who bully
  • More than 100 activities, discussions, and projects
  • More than 40 reproducible handouts for students and teachers
  • Up-to-date research and statistics about bullying
  • Extensive references and resources

In addition to revising and updating existing activities, the author presents new activities including:

  • Help Students Understand Cyberbullying
  • Teach Cyberbullying Prevention
  • Build Awareness About Relational Bullying
  • Be Aware of Cliques
  • Cope with Cliques
  • Help Bystanders Understand Their Role
  • Help Bystanders Develop Empathy
  • Teach Bystanders Skills
  • Provide Opportunities for Bystanders to Practice Skills
  • Give Bystanders Assertiveness Skills
  • On-the-Spot Responding
  • Help Students Self-Assess Cyberbullying Traits

The New Bully Free Classroom is an excellent stand-alone resource that can also complement and support larger initiatives for bullying prevention and response, such as Responsive Classroom, the Olweus Program, Second Step, and other models.

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