Toss & Learn Game: Problem-Solving

Toss & Learn Game: Problem-Solving

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from Franklin Learning Systems

Roll and Resolve: Solving Problems with Friends

  • Teach children problem-solving skills
  • Practice matching situations with their appropriate actions
  • Children learn how to talk out problems with friends, recognize when to apologize, and more

Helps players learn important skills and apply them to common situations. Skills learned include: talking it out with friends, being fair to each other, being a good listener, learning to compromise, showing empathy, recognizing when to apologize, learning to forgive and more! The blue dice have situations, and the yellow dice have either questions or actions. Players roll a blue die and then roll a yellow die. Players apply the question or action on the yellow die to the situation on the blue die. For ages 8-12.

2 Blue dice
2 Yellow dice
2 Skill sheets
Packet of points
Facilitator guidelines

How does it work?
Here’s an example of one round of the game.

Step 1: After a player tosses one of the blue dice, it reads “You promised to go to the movies with your friend but then cancelled. Now he is mad at you.”
Step 2: The player then tosses one of the yellow dice, and it reads “How could being a good listener help?”
Step 3: Player then answers the question and gains points.

Could also be played in teams, allowing players to collaborate.

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