What Is Jail, Mommy?

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by Jackie A. Stanglin; illustrated by Cierra Jade McGuckie
With colorful drawings and gentle explanation, What Is Jail, Mommy? describes why the parent is incarcerated and what his/her life is like as an inmate.

This book was inspired by a 5-year-old whose father has been incarcerated most of her life. One day, after visiting with friends who have two parents in the home, this little girl blurted out to her mother in frustration, “What is jail anyway, and why can’t my Daddy be at home with us?” She needed answers!

When the truth is withheld from children, they tend to blame themselves for others’ mistakes and short-comings. It is the author’s firm belief that children deserve the dignity of truth. This book is also available in Spanish. (40 pp.)

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