Young Men as Fathers (DVD for educators)

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Motivating Young Men to Be Fathers and Mentors

from KidSafety of America
How do we get young men, especially fathers, involved in the lives of children? This is an ongoing question for social workers, law enforcement, school and other family-oriented programs. Young Men as Fathers is a video with advice from professionals and dads in established fatherhood programs. It offers suggestions for educators, social practitioners, and administrators in school, correctional facilities and county services.

The video defines the problem and provides suggestions for recruiting and retaining young men as fathers and mentors. Viewers learn how to set up and implement effective programs that encourage young fathers to participate in the lives of their children, regardless of their individual circumstances. Finally, myths, challenges and outreach issues are discussed. (32 min.)

Contents of the video:
Why are fathers absent?
Impact on children
Impact on society
What is fatherhood? Who is a “father” in the eyes of a child?
What can educators and caregivers do to promote fatherhood?
The unique role of fathers
Outreach strategies

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